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Live Events / Presidential-Style Speech Prompters

We offer presidential-style speech prompters for up to two separate podiums.  These units make use of 15" LCD color monitors for easy readability.  They can be spread comfortably apart in front of the podium, making them practically invisible from any straight-on camera shot.  Thus, by turning from glass to glass, even the most untrained speakers can appear confident in their presentation by never having to look down at their notes.  Eye contact with an audience is essential for any speech to be persuasive.  We can also feed any down-stage monitors with the same scroll if lateral movement (non-podium) is desired upon the stage.

Camera / Set Productions

We also have up to five camera-mount teleprompters to assist with even your largest multi-cam productions. Each unit is a self-contained sled consisting of a 15" Sharp LCD color monitor, reflective glass and mounting capabilities to handle most professional cameras.  No counter weights are necessary.  We also supply up to 6 separate 15" color monitors and stands for any off-camera cuing (role playing, interviews, etc.)

What Do We Offer?

Take advantage of our teleprompting expertise. Our dedicated team of

verbal engineers offers you the following:


Teleprompting services:

  • Video Productions
  • Satellite Broadcasts / Webcasts / Zoom Meetings
  • Live Speech Events
  • Lyric Scrolling for singers

Professional Editing, Scrolling and Smiles:

  • Quick on-the-spot editing is made easy with the use of our Macintosh computers and Magicscroll™ software
  • Well-trained, experienced operators offer valuable input with script revisions and spacing for easy prompter "readability" thus helping to make even novice speakers comfortable in their presentations
  • Various Fonts/Sizes/Colors make scroll very easy to read


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