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Computer Prompting Systems

Giving your presenters a confident and comfortable appearance

Computer Prompting Systems is a full-service teleprompting company located in the Detroit, Michigan area.  Whether your needs are political, educational, or industrial... our services help convey your message with confidence and believability.


With over 25 years of industry experience, Computer Prompting Systems offers you the expertise and professionalism that will take your video presentations, webcasts and live meetings to the next level.

We provide both camera mounts and presidential speech prompters -

along with a Macintosh computer system - to fulfill all of your teleprompting needs.

For full-service teleprompting talent and equipment, contact us today to find out how Computer Prompting Systems can give you a persuasive edge with all of your verbal/visual communications.


Call us for a quotation on your specific requirements.

Looking to present your company’s message convincingly?

Contact us today to put our team to work for you.

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Computer Prompting Systems

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